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Custom Design with Modern Flair

Sep 15th, 2017

custom jewelry design sketch

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they don’t have to be her only friend. Fashion is favoring some stunning stones this year that will complement any woman’s wardrobe.

Want some custom couture? Use these unexpected gems to create a unique jewelry piece in collaboration with Koerber’s custom design services! Together, we’ll bring your dream composition to life.

A Fashion Staple

You have the perfect little black dress in your closet, but do you have something dark and daring to wear with it? Onyx is a luxurious black stone that can be polished and faceted for any setting you can imagine. Pair it with diamonds for a sparkling twist, set it with rubies for a romantic vibe, or let it fly solo for a strong statement.

An Instant Classic

Like a high-necked dress with a plunging back, there’s more to iridescent gemstones like Opals than first meets the eye. Opals may look like ordinary stones, but when they catch the light they radiate with a wash of unexpected and gorgeous colors. Set them in silver or platinum to help mirror their sheen, and you’ll have a jaw-dropping piece that will definitely cause some double-takes.

A Feminine Touch

One of the fashion’s favorite colors right now, blush pinks like those found in Marropino Morganite, recall a bygone era. Envision swirling skirts, gallant suitors and a hint of perfume in the air when you design a piece featuring Marropino Morganite. Pair it with amethyst for a feminine confection or set it against diamonds for a one-of-a-kind treasure your family will love for generations.

Whether you’re designing a statement piece or creating a unique family heirloom, these stones will be the perfect addition to your custom composition. To learn more about Koerber’s custom design services, click here or call us at 812.945.5959.

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