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Finding the Jewelry She’ll Adore - a Man’s Guide to Gift Buying

Some men are so in touch with their feminine side, they have the confidence to strut into a jewelry store, instantly pick out a killer gift for the lady in their life, get a manicure, and be home in time for The Bachelor. But let’s face it—when it comes to picking out jewelry, most guys struggle. After all, it can be a pretty daunting task.

First things first: at Koerber’s, you never have to feel intimidated about shopping for a piece of jewelry. Our team is not only experts, they’re also fun and easy-going people. So no matter your budget or your know-how, we will be there to answer your questions and offer a helping hand all along the way.

However, with that said, there are a few things you may want to think about before ever stepping foot in a showroom.

 Give yourself time. Some fine jewelry can be bought and taken home the same day, but not always. Certain settings may take extra lead time, as well as anything custom designed or set. If your lady is a Pandora collector, Koerber’s has the largest selection outside of a Pandora store, but certain charms may need to be ordered in advance. Make sure to shop ahead of time, or let your salesperson know your timeframe for making a purchase.

To surprise or not to surprise? Whether it’s for a birthday, mother’s day, holiday or even the big engagement day, the first question you’ll want to ask yourself is this: Should this gift be a surprise? If you are craving that big romantic reveal but are totally clueless about what to buy, you might start by asking her closest friend for advice or insights. Or maybe you think she’s the type who would prefer picking something out herself. If that doesn’t really sound like her either, consider a semi-surprise. Express an interest in doing “something special” for her and ask her to drop some hints, maybe through a Pinterest board. Or, go shopping to “just browse”, taking note of the pieces she fawns over most, and give one of them to her later. It may be a semi-surprise, but to her, it’s every bit as sweet.

Get sentimental. One way you can never go wrong with jewelry is by getting a piece with sentimental value for the two of you. Rembrandt Charms are excellent for capturing special moments, interests, or experiences in her life within a piece of jewelry. For something more spectacular, you could incorporate the past, with a new piece either inspired by or actually using stones from a family member or relative’s collection.

Think about her style... Ready to do this thing solo? We admire your spirit! But also, it couldn’t hurt to conduct a little research. Sneak a peek in her jewelry box and ask yourself these questions: Am I seeing sleek and modern lines or more vintage-inspired styles? Small and dainty, or big and bold? Yellow gold or silver finishes? These are some of the basics that will give you a great baseline understanding of her style

...but don’t overthink it. While it’s fantastic to have a strong jumping-off point, don’t panic if you still arrive at the store with some uncertainty. Remember that you’re doing a great job. She’s going to love it. And you can always rely on the Koerber’s team to keep you focused and on the right path.


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