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How to make your Engagement Ring Stand Out!

Jul 10th, 2017

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A simple solitaire diamond absolutely makes for a beautiful engagement ring. But let’s face it: some of us just aren’t the classic solitaire type of girl. You want something different, something daring, something distinctly you.

But how do you find a ring that is truly going to stand out?

At Koerber’s, we’ve got loads of options for engagement rings, many of which might have that something special you’re looking for. Here are a few ideas for how to find a ring that captures your unique personality and one-of-a-kind style.

Ditch the Diamond – You may have heard of brides who opt to choose a center gemstone that is (gasp!) not a diamond. It’s a non-traditional choice, but these rings can also be quite stunning. Many opt to go with a birthstone, or choose a color that is flattering to their skin or hair tones.

Pop of Color – If you love the idea of colored gemstones in your ring, but aren’t willing to give up the diamond at the center, there are lots designs that incorporate a pop of color. The color might be the side stones in a three-stone style, or accent stones on the band, bezel, or halo. It’s a great way to add character without sacrificing the signature sparkle of a diamond.

Metal Tones – Traditional engagement rings come in yellow or white gold. But today’s engagement rings offer a variety of gold colors to make you stand out. You could opt for a two-tone statement of both yellow and white gold, or choose the popular rose gold color. You can also choose palladium or platinum as an alternative to white gold.

Blinged Out – If the phrase “less is more” makes your skin crawl, consider an engagement ring with lots and lots of bling. Dozens and dozens of tiny diamonds on a single ring can produce so much sparkle, it will make your head spin.

Get Twisted – The swirling, twirling lines of twisted settings are a great way to turn heads. Bypass engagement rings also provide an interesting shape that pairs well with a curved band.

Beauty at All Angles – Brides with a unique way of looking at the world often consider how their ring will look from all angles—the view from the top, the side, or even from underneath. An intricate vintage or elaborate filigree setting can offer 360 degrees of visual interest and stunning design.

Nature Inspired – If you’re a lover of the outdoors, why not settle on a ring with a floral theme? What a way to stand out from the crowd while capturing a piece of your personality!

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring that’s just a little different from the rest, or something totally out of the box, the staff at Koerber’s can help. Let us know your ideas and we’ll be excited to show you a wide selection of rings that will stand out among the rest.

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