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It’s an Engagement Ring, Not a Pair of Shoes

Oct 3rd, 2017

So you’re finally ready to put a ring on it. That’s awesome! Now comes the tricky part—making sure the engagement ring you select isn’t just the perfect fit for the love of your life, but also in your hand at the big moment.

Most people think that buying an engagement ring is a lot like going out to buy a new pair of shoes. You peruse the shelves, find something you like in the right size, and you’re on your way. And while that might be true for some people, in other cases the timeframe can be longer.

Many people like to do a little more research on such a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. One of the best things we can recommend is that you talk to friends and family to make sure you know what your fiancée-to-be’s personal ring style is. If you don’t know her ring size, don’t worry–you’ll never pay for resizing services if you purchase your ring at Koerber’s. Sizings are covered through our warranty. Unless you are completely certain of her ring size, and know if she prefers to wear her rings a little tight or a little loose, we recommend letting us handle the sizing after you’ve popped the question.

We also recommend getting on our website and doing some online shopping before you come in. Get a feel for what you’d like your budget to be, and see what sort of designers, styles, and stones you can buy. Really dig into our inventory and explore all the options to select the most perfect engagement ring.

If you’ve got a specific engagement date in mind like an anniversary, birthday or holiday, make sure you allow for enough time to select, order and purchase the perfect ring. Bear in mind that some designer rings may take up to six weeks to be delivered to our store from the time you place the order. Here’s a sample timeline that we think you’ll find helpful:

We encourage you to explore our vast selection of engagement rings on our website, and to come into the store to see your favorites in person. We promise we won’t pressure you to make a decision–we want your engagement to be perfect.

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